English School for Children 5-11

Learning English Can be Fun


Our English classes for children allow students to learn the language in a fun, relaxed setting. Tailor-made programs around themes like "Scientific NY" and "NY in Motion" are the focus of each week's English language teaching. Learning about the science of sports or making corn husk dolls are all fun and engaging ways to learn and practice English. 

Learning English from Native Speakers


Our teachers encourage the children to "have a go" at expressing themselves in English as much as possible.  This helps them feel at ease in an English-speaking environment.  We have seen time and time again that this approach to teaching the English language is effective in building confidence levels and motivation among our young students.

Small Groups, Focused Attention


 To allow a high level of interaction with the teaching team, the children are placed into small groups, maintaining a 1: 8 teacher/teaching assistant to student ratio for the older children and a 1:4 ratio for the younger ones. The groups are formed based on the children's age and the assessments collected before the start of each course. Individual post-program reports are done for those students who are with us for two weeks or more. 

Keeping the Children Safe and Happy


We are focused on keeping the children safe and happy.  Using NYC as a classroom means we take the subways and buses.  It also means walking from one place to the next.  Our teachers and assistants are vigilant when the children are on the move, using the techniques schools use on field trips.  We also engage the students in conversation at every opportunity - on the subways and on the buses.  "Having a go" in this environment is so easy. 

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