English School for Teens 12-18

English Courses on the Go


Hi-New-York is an English school that encourages students to learn English in real-life situations while on field trips to landmark NYC venues. A short classroom-based activity before the field trip focuses the students on the English language skills they will need for that day. Even the commute to a venue becomes an English lesson as the students learn about life in NYC from their peers and teachers.  

As the teens explore the homes of wealthy 19th century NY merchants or walk the streets of Harlem in search of soul food, our teachers guide this learning using resources that we have either developed ourselves or tested with our students for each venue.

English Courses Taught by Native New Yorkers


Our teachers and assistants live and work in NYC, and they are passionate about their home.  The teen groups are small with a teacher/teaching assistant to student ratio of 1 to 8, and this creates plenty of opportunities for the teaching team members to share their knowledge and love of NYC with their students.

Flexible Timetables to Meet Everyone's Needs


In addition to the field trip-based group classes, we offer Semi-Private classes (grammar lessons, creative writing or multi-media projects) in the mornings as an optional add-on program.  Therefore, the day can be as short or as long as desired.

Making Friends from Everywhere in English


We strive to have a good mix of languages in the classes so that the students don't fall back on their mother tongues.  We believe in the students learning from each other as well as their teachers, and the relaxed environment that we create allows this to happen naturally.

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