Our Team

Native English-Speaking Teaching Staff


Our native English-speaking teachers, workshop leaders and teaching assistants are chosen for their ability to inspire learning among our students.  We have extensive experience working with children and teens, and a few have even taught abroad and understand the challenges experienced by our students.  

We are passionate about what we do. Our focus is on helping the children, teens and adults who enroll on the Hi-New-York English language courses make the most of their NYC experiences. 

A Multi-Lingual, Multi-Cultural Support Team


Supporting the teaching team are staff members from the USA, Italy, Spain, France, and Holland. All of us speak several languages and have lived in other cultures; so, we know what it is like to be in a foreign and unfamiliar environment.  We also know the joy of mastering another language and broadening our horizons through immersion in a different culture.  Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to see our students experience the same joy.​